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          Illumina 二代測序組合試劑盒 FC-121-9999

          簡要描述:Illumina 二代測序組合試劑盒 FC-121-9999
          “Illumina/TruSeq FFPE DNA Library Prep QC Kit (24 samples)/FC-121-9999/1 Ea

          • 產品型號:Illumina Kits FC-121-9999
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          規格1 kit供貨周期兩周
          主要用途小型全基因組測序 組合試劑 試劑盒應用領域醫療衛生,化工,生物產業,制藥

          Illumina 二代測序組合試劑盒 FC-121-9999

          "Illumina/TruSeq FFPE DNA Library Prep QC Kit (24 samples)/FC-121-9999/1 Ea

          " Illumina 產品編號: FC-121-9999美  元  價: $155.00會  員  價: 待定品       牌: Illumina產       地: 美國公       司: Illumina, Inc.產品分類: 分子類>二代測序>DNA文庫制備試劑盒公司分類: Library Preparation Kits "Product Highlights:

          The TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Library Prep Kit is a scalable amplicon sequencing solution that delivers sensitive and specific results from both low-input and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) DNA samples. It offers:


          Accurate variant detection from as low as 10 ng of input genomic DNA (gDNA) and challenging FFPE samples

          Fully supported, optimized workflow solution including simple data analysis

          Automation-friendly workflow that can be completed in 6 hours, with only 3 hours of hands-on time

          Low DNA Input and FFPE Compatibility

          The TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Library Prep Kit is a fully customizable, amplicon-based assay for targeted resequencing starting from as low as 10 ng of genomic DNA (gDNA). This scalable assay allows researchers to capture multiple targets of interest simultaneously and sequence up to 1536 amplicons in a single pool, using a single reaction. This library prep kit offers the flexibility to accommodate FFPE samples, such as preserved tumor tissue.


          Confident Assay Design

          Design targeted TruSeq Custom Amplicon oligonucleotide probes with DesignStudio, a free, easy-to-use online tool that provides optimized coverage.


          Learn more about DesignStudio

          Start a project in DesignStudio now (login required)


          Assess FFPE Sample Quality before Sequencing

          The TruSeq FFPE DNA Library Prep QC Kit uses a simple qPCR reaction to determine DNA quality and provide guidance on sequencing parameters. This step ensures that only samples that will achieve the necessary sequencing metrics are prepared, conserving resources that might be used on potentially low-quality, unrecoverable samples. The results of the QC step determine the recommended amount of input DNA. The TruSeq FFPE DNA Library Prep QC Kit can be bundled with the TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Library Prep Kit to maximize lab budgets.


          For FFPE applications, we suggest designing your project with 150 bp or 175 bp amplicons since FFPE DNA is highly degraded. TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input cannot be used with applications requiring 425 bp amplicons.


          Species Compatibility

          The TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Library Prep Kit supports human, mouse, rat, and bovine samples. DesignStudio design algorithms are also available for maize, rice, pig, dog, soybean, chicken, and sheep; however, assay performance cannot be guaranteed as the resulting assays have not been tested. In addition, Illumina Concierge services can design custom assays and/or provide assay optimization support for any species of interest.


          Inquire about Illumina Concierge services


          Find an up-to-date list of high-throughput automation vendors with robotic systems compatIBLe with this library preparation kit



          Assay Time 1 day

          Hands-On Time 4 hours

          Input Quantity 50 ng RNA,50 ng high-quality total RNA,≥ 200 ng FFPE total RNA; Recommended quantity may vary with expression level, target plexity, and sample quality

          Content Specifications Choose from 400,000+ pre-designed targeted RNA-Seq assays. Or add content to a fixed panel or previously designed custom panel.

          Multiplexing Up to 384 samples per sequencing run

          Mechanism of Action Amplification

          TruSeq Custom Amplicon Library Prep Protocol:

          The TruSeq Custom Amplicon assay is a simple and streamlined method for capturing and amplifying targeted regions of interest.

          Seamless Amplicon Sequencing Workflow:

          The TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Library Prep Kit is part of an integrated, fully supported workflow for amplicon sequencing that guides researchers from design through data analysis. Illumina technical and field specialists help ensure rapid resolution and minimize potential laboratory downtime.

          Robust Variant Detection at Low DNA Input:

          The TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Library Prep Kit demonstrates high concordance between expected and observed variant frequencies for 10 ng high-quality FFPE DNA. Reference DNA samples were prepared following the TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input workflow with the TruSeq Amplicon - Cancer Panel primer pool, and sequenced on the MiSeq System in replicates of 4. Variants were called using MiSeq Reporter Software. R2 values are shown."



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          Illumina 二代測序組合試劑盒 FC-121-9999



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